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Advanced Training Scheme
The BPA offers an Advanced Training Scheme to experienced psychoanalytic clinicians who have already shown commitment to in-depth intensive analytic work and who would like to develop their work further by undertaking additional training in order to become a psychoanalyst, a member of the BPA, and also a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA).

The training consists of clinical work under supervision/consultation and clinical and theoretical seminars, for a minimum of two years. Theoretical seminars cover major schools of psychoanalytic thought and traditions.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists working with Adults, Young Adults and late Adolescents who are registered by the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and who have completed a minimum of 4 years post-qualification experience are eligible. You will need to have at least two 4-5 times a week patients currently in analysis. Applications will be considered from experienced clinicians who may not meet all eligibility criteria. In some cases the Advanced Training Scheme Committee may be able to help potential candidates meet entry requirements.

New Course Beginning in January 2019
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For more information and a full brochure, please contact advancedtrainingscheme@psychoanalysis-bpa.org

Training Cases

The candidate is required to have three 4-5x weekly psychoanalytic cases, each for at least eighteen months of the training. The third case may be taken on at the beginning of the course.


One case, usually a new case if this is taken on, will be discussed in weekly supervision with the first supervisor. The other two cases will be discussed in ten monthly consultations with a second and third supervisor/consultant.

Clinical seminars

The candidate is required to attend weekly clinical seminars and present clinical material for discussion throughout the duration of the programme.

Theoretical seminars

These will consist of a series of seminars each term spaced over two years on different theoretical subjects.

Regional Applicants

The Scheme will welcome applicants from the UK regions and Ireland. Some of the requirements could be fulfilled by telephone. For Clinical and Theoretical seminars, personal attendance is required for half of the seminars.

For a full outline of the Advanced Training Course, please contact the ATS training at advancedtrainingscheme@psychoanalysis-bpa.org

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