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Low Fee Service
The BPA Low Fee Service offers low-cost psychoanalysis for those on low incomes prepared to attend a minimum of four times weekly for at least two years.

Enquiries are welcome from members of the public and referring professionals.


  • London SW1 (Male/female)

  • London NW10 (Female)

  • London NW3 (Female)

  • London N6 (Male/female)

  • Brighton (Female)

Other vacancies are about to become available, so if you would like to explore any of these vacancies or the possibility of low-cost psychoanalysis outside these areas, please contact Catherine Pearce on 07512 242900 and leave a message, or email lowfeeservice@psychoanalysis-bpa.org.

Application Process

Applicants are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire which is handled with rigorous confidentiality.

If we have a potential vacancy and the responses on the questionnaire suggest Psychoanalysis might be a suitable approach, we will offer a consultation with a Low Fee Service Consultant Assessor. The current one-off fee for this initial consultation is £60, which consists of two assessment interviews at £30 each. If there is agreement to go forward the applicant will be placed on the waiting list for a BPA practitioner in advanced training. On-going fees are negotiable but usually range from £2 - £25 per session. If it emerges during the consultation that the applicant would be best served by another form of treatment this will be discussed and other options suggested

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