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Training with the British Psychoanalytic Association
Application to the training is open to you if you are a graduate with a degree in either the humanities or the sciences. In addition, it is required that you have had some clinical experience in the field of mental health but this can be arranged during the first year if necessary. Also, applicants are required to have been in analysis with an approved training analyst of the British Psychoanalytic Association, or an approved training analyst, at four or five times a week for at least one year prior to starting the training and are required to continue at least four/five times weekly throughout their Training.

If you are thinking of having a personal analysis with a view to training in the future you can either contact Ora Dresner (07757 809622) who will advise you on what steps to take next or you can contact a Training Analyst direct from the list of training analysts.

The BPA is currently receiving applications for the training to commence in September 2019. The closing date for applications is March 31st 2019. In exceptional circumstances we will consider a late application. The fee is £200, however we offer an "early bird" price of £75 for those received on or before January 31st 2019. Anyone interested should contact Ora Dresner, the Chair of Selection, on 07757 809622 or Joyce Samuel-Ouadjo, the Training Co-ordinator, on +44 (0)20 3730 3300 or by email at training@psychoanalysis-bpa.org.

If you are not ready to train but would like to take a preliminary course with the BPA click here.

Contents of the Course:

The first year of training involves a supervised Infant Observation and a close study of the development of Freud's ideas, including a discussion on 'What is Psychoanalysis'.

The second year includes teaching on the major contributions to clinical and theoretical psychoanalytic thinking, especially those or the Independent and Kleinian Object Relations schools. Also candidates may, with discussion and agreement with the Training Committee, begin treatment of two patients under individual supervision with Supervisors approved by the British Psychoanalytic Association.

The third and fourth years include seminars on psychopathology, Bion and further developments in psychoanalytic concepts and technique.

From year two until completion of training candidates attend regular Clinical Seminars led by experienced psychoanalysts from each of the different orientations. The theoretical curriculum lasts four years. We are expecting that candidates will take, on average, about four to six years to complete all of the training requirements.

During the training as a Candidate Member of the BPA you will enjoy the stimulation of a community of professional colleagues, an environment that encourages further learning, an opportunity to attend congresses and workshops of the International Psychoanalytical Association and meet candidates and analysts from around the world as well as having access to the many facilities of the bpf premises in North West London, including its library and consulting room facilities.

Successful completion of the training leads to membership of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), the British Psychoanalytic Association (BPA), the British Psychotherapy Foundation (BPF) and further opportunities to participate fully in the ongoing intellectual, scientific and organisational life of these societies. Qualification also leads to eligibility for registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and to opportunities of working as a psychoanalyst in other countries.

Download the prospectus or contact us for more information on our training courses.

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